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Move or delete multiple documents at once




  • Official comment
    Vanessa H.

    Hi David,

    After careful consideration and review, our team has accepted this request as SER-255 and the enhancement feature will be pending for development. We will go ahead and update this request as Planned. Please look forward to the official release of this feature in the future. We thank you for your support and helping to improve the product.

  • David Burk

    It's about a year; is this feature available yet?




  • Anthony M.

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    This feature is not yet available. Our concerned teams carefully evaluate the overall impact of each enhancement request, and then prioritize development efforts accordingly. This enhancement request is currently accepted and awaiting future implementation. 

  • Ethan Baldwin

    The software defaulted to 2020 and I uploaded a lot of documents to the wrong year (2020 instead of 2021). When I went to move them to 2021 I had to do it one at a time when all the documents were classified the same way. Add an enhancement to move multiple files at the same time. (I realize you can download multiple files and then upload but this is tedious and manually intensive)


    It's about a year from the last 'It's about a year' message. Still no?


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