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Fillable documents not saving.




  • Official comment
    Anthony M.

    Hi Jason and Theresa,

    Fillable forms auto-saving data is a function of TaxCaddy. This feature was not working as expected for all users during your time of use, and we greatly apologize for that inconvenience. A bug was reported for this issue, and our engineers are working expeditiously to resolve this matter. 

    Currently, a soft-fix has been deployed and this feature should be working as expected. The permanent fix is expected within the next few business days. 

    If you encounter any further issues, or have any inquiries or requests, please reach out to our TaxCaddy support team through email at, or you may start a live chat by clicking on the Support button on the bottom left of your TaxCaddy account. 

    Support hours are Monday - Friday, from 7 am - 5 pm Pacific Standard Time.



  • Theresa Awe

    Yes!  this is terrible.  What a time waste.  Can this be fixed? 


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