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Make notes in TaxCaddy




  • Official comment
    Keola P.

    Hi Lisa, thank you for those additional details. I have added your request to our internal tracking system as SER-353. My team will keep an eye on the votes and comments to see if even more customers have similar needs. In the coming months we’ll use the Planned, Not Planned, and Completed labels to update this request.

  • Keola P.

    Hi Lisa, thank you for submitting your feature request. Before I submit your request to my team's internal tracking system, I wanted to offer TaxCaddy's Message feature to serve as a potential location within TaxCaddy for you to make personal notes about your open items. With TaxCaddy's Message feature, you would have a separate location to store your personal notes.


    A caveat about this suggestion is that these personal notes would be sent to your tax professional. However, a mention of the notes being for personal use could prevent against unnecessary back-and-forth.

    Please let me know if my suggestion is a viable solution to this request, otherwise I can continue to process the request as an additional feature to our software.

  • Lisa Shepard

    I am aware of the Messages feature, and have used it frequently to communicate with my tax professional.

    But I want a way to tell myself the things that I still need to do….without sending a message to my tax professional. I was completing my taxes over several days/weeks, and I wanted a way to keep track of what I still had left to do or upload. A quick little ‘notepad’ feature directly within the program would be sufficient and helpful. For example, I’m missing one receipt for a donation – I already uploaded a summary of my donations, but wanted a reminder to myself to track down that receipt and add it to the pdf.

    And/or….if there a way to set up your own ‘tasks’/’requests’, that would also be helpful. For example, I had one 1099 I was waiting for….but it was a new one for this year, so my tax professional did not set up a ‘request’ for it. And I didn’t see a way to set up a placeholder to remind me to obtain it.

    These are just suggestions to help make Tax Caddy an even more helpful program.


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